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Data Hosting - Sensa S3

Why Sensa S3?

Object Based Storage

The solution as a perfect fit if you have a large amount of data that has a long retention period and are rarely accessed. E.g. files, backup data or multimedia.

Sensa offers an Simple Storage Service (S3) hosted in a certified data center.

Scales with you

Pay only for used capacity. Begin small and grow fast.

Easy to use

We deliver a connection string and you can begin to transfer data.

Broad Application Support

S3 is a protocol that is supported by different environments, such as Kubernetes and all modern backup applications.

Examples for use

Backup and restore

The service is ideal for storage of backups, sizes vary based on your usage and are accesible whenever you need to access them.

Long-term retention of data

Would you like to migrate cold data from your current storage solution and store on a more cost-efficient storage solution. The service offers both archiving and tiering.

Big file servers

Do you have a big collection of files you need to store? Unlimited file size and concurrent access to data. Ideal for multimedia and CCTV data.

Environments designed to run in the cloud

Are you developing an environment that is designed to run in the cloud? The service offers all protocols that are used in the cloud.

What is Object Based Storage?

In object storage based environments, data is stored as objects instead of files in file systems or blocks in block level (SAN) storage environments. Each object includes data, metadata and an unique identifier. Object storage offers protocols such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and OpenStack Swift.

Environments designed to run in the cloud usually rely on S3/Swift and offer scalability that is hard to get in conventional file and block level storage solutions.

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