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Kubernetes Operations Simplified

The use of Kubernetes for container orchestration services is constantly increasing, but its installation and operation can be complicated. NetApp has developed a service that simplifies that part of Kubernetes so software developers can focus on software design without having to worry about the environment itself. 

Sensa and Kubernetes

Sensa is a certified Kubernetes partner of NetApp and offers “White-label” services of the NetApp Kubernetes Services (NKS) environment. At, you can install a fully-fledged Kubernetes environment that is hosted in the safe environment of the world’s largest cloud service providers, serviced by Sensa and NetApp professionals. With the use of this service, time-saving and flexibility can be achieved, as it is easy to transfer the environment between service providers without sacrificing the optimization provided by the Sensa Kubernetes services. 


Sensa and cloud services

Sensa is a certified Cloud First Partner with NetApp and a certified partner of AWS and Azure. Sensa’s specialists can therefore provide advice and assistance in the installation of cloud services, where extensive knowledge of infrastructure and networks is useful. 


Get started now

If you want to test the Sensa Kubernetes Service for 30 days for free, you can go to and get started right away. Sensa’s experts are ready to help, so feel free to send us a line or pick up the phone. 

You can find interesting information about Kubernetes here:

For more information about NetApp Kubernetes service, go to: 


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